Guy Cook
Professor Guy Cook (Principal Investigator)
King’s College London
Alison Sealey
Professor Alison Sealey (Co-Investigator)
Lancaster University
Anda DrasoveanAnda Drasovean (PhD student)
Anda’s PhD adds a cross-linguistic and cross-cultural dimension to the findings by investigating aspects of the representation of animals in Romanian.
King’s College London

Emma Mclaughlin
Emma McClaughlin (PhD student)
Emma’s PhD adds a diachronic dimension by investigating how representations of animals in English have changed historically.
Lancaster University
Previous Members
Clyde Ancarno
Dr. Clyde Ancarno (Research Associate)
King’s College London
Chris Pak
Dr. Chris Pak (Research Associate)
Lancaster University
Alice Power
Alice Power (Undergraduate student)
Research Assistant (Undergraduate Research Scholarship scheme – The University of Birmingham)
Because the topic of the discourse we are researching is studied by people from many disciplines, we are benefiting from the expertise of not only other applied linguists, but also scholars in other fields.
Our three consultants for the project are:
Professor Nicola Clayton FRS
Nicola Clayton is Professor of Comparative Cognition in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge, a Fellow of Clare College and a Fellow of the Royal Society. Her expertise lies in the contemporary study of comparative cognition, integrating a knowledge of both biology and psychology to introduce new ways of thinking about the evolution and development of intelligence in non-verbal animals and pre-verbal children.
Professor Nickie Charles
Nickie Charles’ research focusses on women and gender and includes an interest in gender relations at work and at home and how women – through involvement in feminist social movements – can bring about social change.
Dr Mara Miele
Mara Miele is a Reader at the Cardiff School of Planning and Geography with research interests in the areas of Animal Geographies, Post-humanism; Human/non-human animals’ relations; Food consumption practices; and Ethical consumption.
The six members of our Advisory Group for the project are:
Professor Ram Ram-Prasad
Professor Ram Ram-Prasad’s research interests lie in the areas of Indian and comparative epistemology, metaphysics and philosophy of religion; religion and politics, especially foreign policy; South Asian religious identities in contemporary Britain; and the conceptual sources of modern Hindu life and beliefs.
Professor Ben Rampton
Ben Rampton’s research involves ethnographic and interactional discourse analysis, cross-referring to work in anthropology, sociology and cultural studies.
Dr Keiran O’Halloran
Keiran O’Halloran is Reader in Applied Linguistics at King’s College London.
Dr Jackie Chappell
Jackie Chappell is an expert in the field of animal cognition, and is involved in interdisciplinary research and teaching between the fields of biology, psychology and computer science.
Dr Marie Fox
Marie Fox’s research focuses on how law regulates human and animal bodies. She is a co-ordinating editor of Social and Legal Studies, is on the advisory board of the Journal of Law Society and an associated editor of Somatechnics.
Professor Alice Roberts
Alice Roberts is Professor of Public Engagement in Science. Her role involves inspiring people to engage with the wide range of world-class research at the University of Birmingham, and ensuring a dialogue between academics at the university and the wider public.

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