Your Questions

What would you like to know?

Are you curious about how different people talk about animals? Or how different kinds of animals are referred to in newspapers, research articles, campaigns?

Did you know that the kinds of ‘animal’ named most often in a combined collection of texts (including wildlife documentaries, food labels, advertisements and academic articles) are worms and fish?

We welcome suggestions for lines of enquiry that we can explore using our ‘corpus’ as data. Our corpus is a large and growing collection of texts about animals (including wildlife documentaries, food labels, advertisements and academic articles) drawn from a wide variety of sources. We are using specialist software that can find out, for example:

  • whether certain words occur more frequently in some kinds of texts than others
  • whether some animals are routinely described by a certain set adjectives and others by a different set
  • which animals are said to perform particular kinds of actions, etc.

If you have a question related to how animals are represented in discourse, we’ll try and find out the answer! We can’t guarantee to answer all your questions, but we’ll select from among the queries we receive and publish a regular update with answers to the most interesting or popular suggestions.

Examples of questions so far include: How often do dogs get talked about in relation to other animals? What are the most common insects that are discussed?

Please use the contact form below to let us know which words you would like us to look at in our ‘corpus’:

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