Talks and Media

The project received an airing on BBC Radio 4’s Word of Mouth series, when Alison Sealey discussed some of the areas we have researched with presenter Michael Rosen. The programme, which was first broadcast on Tuesday 7th February 2017, is available to listen to here.

On Wednesday 28th September 2016, we contributed to a public event at the Science Museum in London to share aspects of our project. Here is a brief account of the event, and a few pictures from the day:


The discursive representation of non-human animals: theoretical and methodological challenges. Alison Sealey. Opening lecture at Doing Research with Discourse Analysis: A Discourse Perspective on Making Sense of Social Change (in collaboration with Lancaster University), VU Amsterdam. 4-15 July, 2016.

Guy Cook: ‘Reflections on categorization: Species, nations, languages.’

Guy Cook gave an invited paper entitled ‘Reflections on categorization: Species, nations, languages’ at A symposium for Barbara Seidlhofe: the study of English as a lingua franca (ELF) in a wider context on Sat, 25 June 2016, University of Vienna, English Department. The paper drew upon insights from the project into issues concerning boundaries between species to reflect upon analogous issues in linguistics concerning the boundaries between languages.

What do we talk about when we talk about animals? Alison Sealey. The Animal Challenge to the Social Sciences symposium, University of Leicester, UK, May 19th – 20th 2016.

This was a fascinating symposium, with contributions from experts in various aspects of research about animals from the perspectives of sociology, philosophy, politics and law. The topic of language/discourse came up a lot, so it was good to have the project represented at this event.

Talking about Animals. Alison Sealey, Chris Pak, Emma McClaughlin. Campus in the City, Lancaster city centre, UK, April 26th 2016

This was an opportunity for the public in Lancaster to come and find out about the project. We were fortunate to have some animals (and their handlers) from Lancaster & Morecambe College for people to see, alongside the activities we provided, which encouraged visitors to explore their own ideas about the language we use about animals. Here’s a short video where you can get a glimpse of what went on:

And here is an overview of the whole event:

Talk at the British Animal Studies Network, 2015

Guy Cook, ‘I still do love the taste’: the language of beliefs about eating animals.
Listen to the talk here

Sealey Pak Podcast
Ideas Lab Interview
10 minute interview with the University of Birmingham’s Ideas Lab, available on their website at

Arts & Science Festival
Talk at the University of Birmingham’s Arts and Sciences Festival, 2014

Pak, C. and Sealey, A. Representing Animals in Scientific Journals: A Corpus Linguistic Approach. Arts & Science Festival, University of Birmingham – 19 March 2014.

Video of the talk:

Audio of the Q & A after the talk